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April 2006

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First time in a while i sleep in till 11..probably would have slept longer if my mom hadnt woken my up. My body is exhusted and I want to rest more but thats impossible. hmmm.. so lets see..the weekend has gone fast. wish i hadnt worked so much so then i could have done more things that i wanted to do. i feel like my body is getting frailer and that i'm getting sick. my skins getting pailer and everything seems to hurt. I majorly need a break from it all. eh whatever I start physical therapy tuesday we'll see what happens.
my hands hurt i have all these cuts on them. that sucks.

for some odd reason i seem to like kurt cobain more than usual. Maybe its the fact that in a few days hes been dead 11 years. I dunno. I get weirder all the time i swear. i'm going to go out and buy books about his death later. it's interesting to me i guess.

hmmmmmmi hurt EVERYWHERE. And besides i got teh rag now. and that suckkkksssss

Lol..My life at this stage is fustrating. The thing I want the most is Mike and it gets harder everyday not being with him...blah. he's what i think about and live for..i just always think about how we're meant for each other. and when he says that it makes me happy. I love you Mike, my bum.

breakfast time.

going to eat then goto barnes and nobles and get some starbucks there. should get mike a book but i dont want to make him read.
work today 3-9 or something of the sort. eh.


I love you so much Laura, you're my life... We are meant to be together.. I'll always love you..