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April 2006



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Mar. 21st, 2005


Okay so I'm guess I'm stressing but I don't know why but then again maybe I do.

Uh the night I was with Jen her and I had tons fo fun..Danced in the rain poored coffee on smalleys car at starbucks and went to muvico to play ddr then got lost. But see I have a problem with the guys and still don't understand why I assosicate with them. They can't be themselves. No they have to look macho in front of each other. Smalley is my good friend but it bugs me when he tries to act like he's an emo fucker. Chris and Scott well I have no fucking clue. Maybe I'm not girly or whatever but I don't plan on changing for some emo swoop fuckers that sing whiney bullshit or claim they like music that they have no clue what-so-ever about. They're so fucking ignorant. and when they they leave high school i'm going to laugh because they won't have each other. Why do they have to act like they have something to prove and be oh so arrogant. Oh yea. fucking think they can be assholes one night and the next day jump in my spot for shit. thats fucked up. I hate it. I do so much and it's like " bah fuck laura over" i dont get it. Only decent guys are Blake Omar Marshal Andrew Lenny sometime Matt. The rest I'm so fucking sick and tired of their shit. Makes me want to be anti-social it's so disgusting.

Still have to get service hours into graduate..Karate instructor feels i'm slacking..sorry i work all the time..i try to have a life..dogs going insane..

Work is the cause of a lot of stress...want to beat the shit out of fucking niggers that work or come and eat in the restaurant sometimes. New manager loves to yell at the employees...I got so mad I called my friend Branden and he had to calm me down.. and I felt bad because i walked out on my friends like John and Josh..just slammed the door and left.. and the manager is just all like " why dont you have a boyfriend mami you're so pretty and if i was 20 years younger i'd hit that" and i felt so upset and wanted to break his face and kill him ..he like hugs me and puts his arm around me and i feel so fucking gorss and violated..I just want wayne to be my manager again he was fun and laid back he'd call me crackhead and joke all the time he was like daddy #3 ..i just go into work and dread it all the time but at least i'm serving right..i've been waiting/ working so long and hard to do it..I dunno.

I just want to run away from it all..jump into a big lake and just float..why cant i take the advise i give and not take life so serious..

Mar. 10th, 2005


So..Today I snuck out of tv production and i'm in my old art room at school I wanted to stay home but my mom failed at life and should be disowned.

Reel big fish is today..I hate it. Can't see one of my favorite bands and I'm serverly pissed. I'm suppose to go away this weekend but the fact of being near my mother wants to make me bash someones skull into little pieces and feel them to mongeese.

Hm... Stuff is on my mind. I'm in a decent mood somewhat. Only thing that make me go on is Mike. I probably wouldn't even be here if he wasn't. I would have ran away months ago and lived under a bridge. I love him so much. Like..I feel so bad for making him talk about ..marriage. I use to hate the thought of it. Lol .. I've changed into a new person in someways. He opened up like feelings I'm not use to. Like..When I saw the profile thing i was so shocked and happy. He never ceases to amaze me lol. Maybe thats why I tought about marriage...It never truely hit me till yesterday. But I know I'm deeply in love and thats it. lol..
Sometimes I bring up shit like marriage and kids joking around but is that a bad thing.. I mean..I don't want to scare him away...I dunno.

I think I'll get my tattoo asap now. Tattoos are fun to piss people off with and then it's so great at the same time =D
I figured it'll be on my lower back.

Whatelse...I want to do something creative. and have fun so i think I will.


Mar. 7th, 2005


yea I'm in a very lovely mood..Okay I got like 10 minutes..

I feel like things are going my way. Just got my tax return..woo 200 bucks..Yay for the government for once. Althought it goes straight to my car but eh..Saves money for me in the long run. i'm aggrivated with my mother. She hasnt gotten my Reel Big Fish ticket. Which I have told her months ago that I wanted to go. But NO. She failed. " Gainesville is too far..5 hours away." Woopty big fucking deal. Bah we'll see who gets the last word. I just wont talk to her forever I don't go. And my grudges last a long time...By the way I found out I have Temper flares. Good shit.. Means once I get pissed it's a done deal. Way to go Psychology. Would explain why my friends think I'm bi-polar..Once they piss me off I refuse to say anything.

SO anyways I'm still in a rather spiffy mood. I feel so much in love more and more and more when I talk to Mike. I know him and I are are definetly meant to be and I truely feel love and it makes me excited.

I'll update later. Time to teach.

Mar. 2nd, 2005

(no subject)

Hey It's been awhile ey?

So yea lets see..getting a puppy..changed her name like 84375543 million times..but now offically it's going to be either qwen or zoie.
Yea she's so cute..I'm really excited...

anywho..I dunno I'm tired and cramping..in a good mood though. I have to pick up stuff for the dog yet again

I feel kinda strange..dunno why but I do..

Feb. 12th, 2005

Doot doot.

At 9 a.m. I'm going to the art institute..yay me.. I'm leading myself to a productive life...make more money plan out my future shit like that...

This week has been so strange and i've realized I hate certain people that play with peoples emotions..I honestly hate that. For instance.. why can't a guy have one girl and stay committed to her but no they fuck around with the ex..an ex is an ex for a reason..only purpose to go back out with one is for comfort..well in certain cases though..if there was like a misunderstanding or something like that its a different story..but yu have to know you cant change someone..tried that before and it just doesnt work.. but I see that shit all the time and it aggrivates me...I dunno..just felt like saying it... Luckly i'm not in that situation

lol. yea i saw it tonight so i felt like saying how much i hate it.

This week has been weird..I never knew love really hurts you heart just thought that was some lame expression lol..I was sitting at lunch the other day thinking..you know you're in love when you come home from manhunt or whatever to talk to your sunshine because without him you're not yourself... when you feel completely empty when you're out and hes not there..or when you get happy jolts all the time because of him... and your mind is always set on him and when you cant talk to him your world falls apart...yea i've been thinking a lot lol...i could say more but i sound gay.. lol..apartly more love than i thought i could ever feel. i love mike...lol laura rose edwards forever! hahah

yea manhunt was gay..and it was cold.

think i've lost some weight again putting me back where is should be..fucking holidays making me fat..gotta work out somemore..really want to swim but the weather is horrible....

well i gotta fill out financial aid college paper work nonsense....hope i'll goto this art school..but it i dont oh well, huh?

laura and mike for life!

Jan. 30th, 2005

Long Time No Type, Ey?

Sorry I have't posted. Well not like anyone reads this anyways. Lets see.
Lately things have been looking up. Good classes.. Friends are good.. Mike is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me...Yep I'm doing dandy..And My sister is looking to move out! Score!!! I cannot stand her arrogance. And one of these days I'm just not going to care and rip her to shreads. But eh..I fuck her up at work...See being a hostess has it's avantages..but anyways..

Guess what! Wow I bought something offa ebay..Because I'm a comic book Rogue and Gambit slut..

Lol..Love makes me happy I can't help it damnit. Such an odd but good feeling..

Well I'm off.. I'm tired..but have to get up to goto work.


Jan. 9th, 2005

(no subject)

so yea here goes my thoughts about you..

My Average day...
I wake up from dreaming about you and even though sometimes i don't remember..i just know..lol.
Walk over to my computer seeing if you IMed me..
whatever i do when i don't talk to you i think about you, listen to your clips , devise a plan to do something to you lol..in a good way..or think/talk to myself (lol j/k) and say how much I love you.
when i do talk to you it's like i'm so addicted to you in a good way..can never get enough of you..
when we talk you make me feel like i never thought could be real..it's like you're my fantasy and what i dream for..you are the other part of me that i've been needing and i love you so much. You make me feel like..me..I'm open to you more than i ever have been in my life. You showed and gave me love. You showed me what love really is. I've never felt this way before. never. It's consant..Mike Mike Mike Mike MIKEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so deeply in love with you. full fledged head over heals..knocked off my feet for you 3495034593453495349 kazillion trillion percent...more than that actually. You make me laugh and happy..blush ..cry ( happy cry ) feel better than i have ever been in my entire life. After we graduate and when it's us..I want to take a trip with you..explore and see new places with you. spend life to the fullest with you. do everything we want to do, the world is ours..I know when i see you, the most beyond radient and amazing person out there i will be so..i dunno..how to describe it..when i can spend my nights making you dinner and just laying next to you just looking at you and thinking " wow...how did i get so lucky to be with you, the most brillant and amazing and not to mention sexiest ever guy in all existance.."I love you so much.. I know you love me as much as I love you..it makes me so happy to know you feel the same way I do. to have you is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, i'm so lucky to have the privledge of saying..wow..this is it..US! You are my everything Mike and when i say it I mean it..i'm sincere with everything i say but you truely are my everything. My life, my family, my best friend , my soulmate/husband =P..my one and only true love.
I don't sleep for numerous reasons..but when i'm up I don't mind sitting up thinking about you..looking at your pictures or listening to your clips. I have so many things about you running through my brain it's insane. you make me so happy..and you make me hyper lol..when we're together it'll be insane..I cant wait to spend beyond forever with you..and honestly it's not enough time..we come up with the craziest stuff.. Like..sock soup, the tree house, ways to kill people, chaos, boner, nacho cake, our silly names (Blue Caffeine Teddy Bear Monster Zarg..and so one and so forth..) weird things we could do ...like wrestling..lol..( so going to own you) and all that other insanity... Mike I love you so much, I know whatever happens in the future we will be together..because or love is so true..and not that emo bullshit( No fighting just silly debates)..this is the real stuff Mike..I'm going to end this now..lol...keep on rambling..going to goto sleep..I love you so much Mike. I'm going to spend the rest of my life with you..

LAURA LOVES MIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love you so much Mike..

(no subject)

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